Training Opportunities

Cadets Canada offers a summer training program with multiple different courses, lengths and locations. Cadets can sign up for camps in the winter months which will take place for at least a week in the summer some as long as 6 weeks. There are camps that generalize for skills such as Expedition, Drill, and Marksmanship, but there are also some that specialize in just one thing like Band. The camp atmosphere is relaxed and laissez-faire (like a regular camp), allowing cadets to interact with others and have fun while learning, giving cadets a great opportunity to make friends and learn people skills

Opportunities to become part of a team during the training (school) year. At 1188 we offer many teams, including ones for Drill, Marksmanship, Band, Orienteering, for more info on how to join and other ones available feel free to question one of our senior cadets. Meetings for these said extracurricular teams often take place in the evenings throughout the week, or during the weekend. These teams are not mandatory but are recommended to get the best cadet experience.