History Of 1188

The Oakville Army Cadet Corps was formed in 1924, known as the “Oakville High School Cadet Corps”.  After several changes in designation over the years, the perpetuated unit currently parades as the 1188 ‘Lorne Scots’ Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.

Cadets within our unit proudly fly the white Army Cadet Banner, which contains both a Canadian Flag emblem in the top corner and the badge of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets centred in the middle with our designation, “1188”.  The Latin motto contained on this badge is Acer Acerpori,  which translates “As the Maple, So the Sapling”.

Oakville Army Cadets proudly wear the the Scottish Diced Glengarry headdress, displaying the cap badge of our affiliated Canadian Armed Forces Reserve Force unit, The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment).  The Lorne Scots is a unit steeped in much history and in 2016 celebrated 150th years defending Canada and its Allies aborad.

As members of the Lorne Scots Regimental Family, the Oakville Army Cadets have become a part of a long and proud tradition.  Cadets within the 1188 Lorne Scots RCACC are expected to uphold the honour of corps of its affiliated regiment.  Our cadets fulfill this honour by maintaining exemplary conduct and deportment at all times.

The Lorne Scots Regiment is affiliated with five local army cadet corps.  Besides our unit in Oakville, Lorne Scots cadet units are also located in: Brampton, Milton, Georgetown and Orangeville. 1188 RCACC is referred to as the Oakville Cadet Company.

Since 1971, the Army Cadet League of Canada has also provided support to Army Cadet units across Canada.  The league is a civilian non-profit organization working in partnership with the Canadian Forces to strengthen the Royal Canadian Army Cadet program, by promoting  and fostering leadership, citizenship, self-reliance, physical fitness, and respect for others.