Learning at Cadets

Avenues of teaching,

  • Cadets get to learn from lessons organized and taught by seniors,

  • With topics varying from survival skills to how to lead a team effectively, or how to set up a tent and much more,

  • These lessons will be taught both in classrooms and on the 'field'.

  • And as cadets progress they will receive many chances to use what they have learned in real world situations and pass the knowledge to younger cadets.

  • Seniors are always available for questions and concerns and will accommodate learning to each cadet

Youth Leading Youth Concept,

  • As cadets move on from Star Level to Star Level (each level increases the difficulty of knowledge and skills learned and exercised), cadets get an opportunity to pass their knowledge on to younger cadets

  • Every rank holds increasingly important responsibilities that each cadet will get to perform to demonstrate their skills in order to instruct and mentor younger cadets and cadets with lower ranks.

  • Therefore, as leaders, cadets will get to organize lessons and activities to deliver the Cadet curriculum.

  • This is the idea of “Youth Leading Youth,” since as cadets become more experienced, they will be the ones taking the role of instructors.